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What should we do before, during, and after an earthquake

Before an earthquake


Understand what the earthquake is

Ensure the properties are distant from possible zone of earthquake's secondary effect such as landslide and liquefaction

Retrofit the structure to strengthen the earthquake resistance.

Locate the escape door, elevator and emergency exit

Understand first aid and CPR procedure

Learn how to use fire extinguisher

Keep the emergency contact

Fasten the furniture firmly to the wall

Store flammable products securely in solid cabinet

Turn off water, electricity and gas supply

Falling of materials as the main cause of accidents during an EQ

Place large or heavy objects in lower shelves

Ensure the stability of hanging fixtures
Supplies must be prepared anytime and in anyplace:

  •   First aid kit
  •   Flashlight and extra batteries
  •   Portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries
  •   Emergency food and water

Read in Bahasa Indonesia

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